Friday, March 9, 2012


Sometimes, we all need a laugh to distract us from the surrounding misery. Other times, we get bogged down with obstruction and wish things were simple. Therefore, when obstruction appears and misery swipes at us maliciously, we need the ultimate solution: a simple laugh. Thankfully, this video can provide it.
It all begins with a medium longshot from behind the subject in question. It stares, beyond, wondering, thinking, scheming. Then, almost suddenly, it turns around, the camera zooming in for a close-up of the true insanity that it bears upon its face. That is the very definition of a dramatic chipmunk.
This combination of camera movement, as well as the species of the subject in question, combines to make a terrifying demon force. The music then transforms terror into laughter, making this nightmare feel over-the-top, therefore not able to be taken seriously, and therefore relaxing. The laughs continue to pile up when the beasty stares at the camera for a prolonged amount of time, making the viewer wonder what's going on. All this, in 5 seconds.

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