Sunday, March 18, 2012


Kids say the darndest things. Or is it darnest things? Come to think of it, kids do the darnest things. We as a society let our kids do what they want, though, because it believes they don’t know any better. And when it comes to babies, society will let them make others feel bad directly, so long as the baby looks adorable doing it. Case in point? Charlie, the baby who bites siblings for no reason.

The whole video is shot from a medium-high angle, encompassing a medium shot of the toddler, Harry, and his baby brother, Charlie. At first, Harry is gleeful for his baby brother’s continuing existence, even saying the name of the video happily. Charlie then proceeds to give the most badass roar any piece of filming equipment has captured on the planet. This display of survival of the fittest gives Harry the not-so-bright idea to endanger his life by putting his finger into the mouth of the beast.

This does not go well for the boy.

For when he placed his finger in his baby brother’s mouth, Charlie began to bite around. The bite gradually got harder. Harry tried to fight this spurt of pain at first, but eventually, he cried in pain for his damaged fingers.

And when Charlie turns his head around to see the face of emotional trauma on his brother’s face, what does he do? Why, he laughs about it, like a murderer laughing about someone’s death. Twisting the knife even further, at first Charlie almost looks bad about his vile crime of hurting his family member, but then, almost as quickly, he proceeds to laugh even harder.

It doesn’t end there. Harry looks as though he hopes Charlie was kidding about it, reminding his baby brother about the pain of the body and betrayal…and then, seconds later, Charlie attempts to gorge once again on his unfortunate, oblivious victim.

But you know what? For all the awkward talks that are sure to happen in the future for these two youths, it’s still precious to see two youngsters hang out with each other. It also serves as a reminder of what Harry and Charlie will do to weave the future in front of them. This is all I can say for them: keep your sense of optimism, Harry, and use those teeth wisely, Charlie.

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