Monday, March 12, 2012


If I recall correctly, I talked a bit about the Nintendo 3DS commercial earlier on this blog. Nintendo sure crafted quite a work of mechanical art, with the 3DS’ weird screen and the commercials morbid sense of humor. With a sense of inventiveness like this, Nintendo’s advertising future is sure to be one of success.

Nintendo’s past in terms of commercials bears no colds, either. When they want to brainwash their costumers into wanting their products a lot, Nintendo makes commercials showing children wanting said products. One of these commercials involved their prime mascot, Mario. The product in question that deserved advertising was none other than the Game Boy Advance remake of Super Mario Bros. 3. And boy does this commercial get across how desirable it is to have this game.
It starts off with an extreme close-up of a clock. Jump cut to a zooming-out extreme longshot of a teacher, aghast, in an empty classroom.
The commercial then cuts to outside, where the parents await their children with open arms…only for the kids to JUMP OVER THEM. Cue a close-up of one father, confused and frightened of his child’s demonic abilities.
Another extreme longshot establishes the armada of kids beginning their run through the city. A low angle shot from within a van frightens car collectors as one kid uses it for jump air. We then arrive at a very low angle shot of all the kids jumping from roof to roof, followed by an angled longshot in the subway.
After more extreme longshots, the third one from the air, we get a close-up of a store owner slowly turning around after putting up a sign. His eyes are greeted by a panning longshot of many costumers wearing Mario masks. It all ends with footage from the game.
This commercial is just over the top. All those kids, rampaging through the city, just to get their hands on a Game Boy Advance remake of an NES game…something about that just brings me a smile. I also liked pretty much every adult characters’ reaction to the behaviour of the hooligans. Especially the confused father. Here’s to hoping that more Nintendo based commercials are made this way.

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