Friday, March 9, 2012


Art evolves. First, humans had the simple 2D image. Then, we had a sequence of moving 2D images. After that, we invented stuff like the camera and editing programs to create interesting worlds that we could be immersed in, within the second dimension.
Things got real after that, when people got the great idea to introduce the third dimension as an extra source of room for entertainment. Of course, limitations existed. Ridiculous glasses of scientifically explainable, yet physically unfashionable structure were needed to decipher the third dimension within entertainment outlets. It’s a surprise that not much was said of 3D contact lenses.
Which we didn’t need, funny enough. For in summer 2010, in Los Angelos, at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, in the centre room, on front stage, six feet from Nintendo of America’s president Reggie Fils-Aimes (Fees-uh-mes), a giant screen introduced a device that could show 3D without any help from extraneous glassware.
That device? The Nintendo 3DS.
This trailer? A work of exciting horror.
It all begins like all good stories do- with the President of Nintendo, Satoru Iwata, playing video games in an abyss of white. He looks on down from a high angle, proud of the power that he possesses, not just as the highest member of the biggest video game company in the world, but also as the player.
Then Mario emerges from the 3DS, like a panda surfacing from water.
Satoru is amused at first, the medium shot providing him much comfort, but then the fat, yet tiny, plumber pops a mustache upon him and dives back in to the 3DS to avoid losing his lives. With his terrifying plumber powers, Mario then telepathically controls the machine and drags Satoru in with him, leaving behind a high angle medium shot of the 3DS looking innocent of its crime.
Cue the master of creating video games, Shigeru Miyamoto, entering the scene, a medium close-up examining his suspicion of the room or dimension, whatever it is. He finds the 3DS in the chair, and during a series of shots that settle on a close-up, a dog emerges and jumps upon its prey, bringing Miyamoto great joy and happiness.
And then the dog brings Shigeru terror as it drags him with it back into the world of the 3DS.
This is followed up with, in general, close-ups and longshots of the 3DS vomiting out items from various Nintendo games. An extreme longshot ensues when, just after retaining an immobile position, Reggie Fils-Aimes enters the room, optimistic yet confused as to how these props came into the room without a delivery truck. As if to answer, the 3DS belches some coins and a Mushroom.
Reggie picks up the 3DS, and he laughs as his Japanese coworkers run for their real life from the furious claws of King Bowser Morton Koopa in a backwards-trucking longshot. This burns him to three degrees when the King of Monstrous Turtles emerges from the 3DS in a shot transtioning from a medium shot to a high-ish angled close-up, having presumably eaten Miyamoto and Satoru.
This commercial was, and still is, phenominal. At lot of Nintendo stuff is referenced. All the actors react to the CGI effects and other SFX believably, which is amazing considering their main profession isn’t acting. Of course, I can’t forget, how the commercial makes light of the 3DS’ immersion in such a fun, yet literal way. This commercial convinced me I would get sucked in to the experience.

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