Saturday, March 31, 2012


Sonic the Hedgehog- it’s a name that ignites the passionate hearts of the past and future. A mascot with attitude, he first appeared in the 1992 Sega Genesis game Sonic the Hedgehog. Then he appeared again in Sonic 2. Then in Sonic 3 (and Knuckles!). Then on the Dreamcast. Then the Gamecube. Then the Xbox 360/PS3. And then he appeared on the Wii.

You might be able to guess from the above paragraph that the Sonic franchise has traversed an interesting road over the years. Trust me when I say “Has it ever!” And not just from the rather divided road of consoles- the franchise has also endured a war-burnt road from the divided fanbase. I put emphasis on divided because it truly is.

For though many different desires emanate from fans as time passes, the one thing the fans wanted more than anything else was a return to classic style of gameplay. Last year, we KIND OF got it with Sonic 4. I say kind of because SEGA admittingly swindled fans out of a certain aesthetic design- that aesthetic design being what Sonic would look like during the game. I have other opinions about this aesthetic design choice and the implications behind it, but I’ll save them for another, non-Mohawk related.

So understandably, the older fans felt cheated, and for awhile, it looked like Sonic’s Genesis-era self woulodn’t be playable beyond the games he was already in.

That was, until the teaser trailer for this game came out. Behold, the Sonic Generations trailer awaits.

The trailer starts off with the SEGA chime that children and people who think like children- such as myself- grew to love and remember. Cut to an extreme longshot of a white space, with absolutely nothing of consequence- until Sonic just jets in to this nowhere. An extreme closeup of Sonic follows up, during which Sonic runs up to a whiting Green Hill and jumps from ground-to-cliff-to-cliff-to-top-of-cliff.

As soon as he lands on the cliff, the camera zooms in for a close-up. Then he runs through a tunnel, the camera behind him as he slides under the crack. After that, we get a shot of Sonic going from a slide to his continued jog. The camera then proceeds to both pan left and zoom out to an extreme longshot of Sonic running to a loop-de-loop. For not even one second, the camera shows a side view of the loop-de-loop, then switches to a close-up of Sonic running up and jumping off the ramp (A backshot interrupts this).

And when Sonic jumps off the ramp, in mid-air, in slo-mo, next to him…is his past self from the Genesis era.

The camera continues with a zooming in close-up on the ground of this miracle, then a side view, then extreme close-ups of the two Sonics giving each other a happy look, and finally, a longshot of them slowing down, then speeding up. Then, the logo for the game appears.

The day I heard about the trailer, I couldn’t believe it. So I went on Youtube. And I believed. I found it mysterious how Green Hill Zone looked so….white. (I’m not racist towards video-game settings!) And the reveal of Genesis Sonic near the end…it just made me happy. It made me reconnect my heart to the past and promised a great future for the game and this franchise.

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