Saturday, March 31, 2012


Old people…what’s with them? They’re like a cracked mirror- they share traits with something, yet the image is distorted. Specifically, it’s young children that they reflect the heart, but not the body of. They make themselves noticeable when they feel the situation calls for it. It amuses people, surely, but it still looks unusual.

If only there was a person of immense age who could bring news of fun. Shkle would have to manipulate others into trusting shkler with minimum effort. The person would have to bring the fun and inspire others to boogie. Alas, there lives no-one with those attributes.
Oh, other than the Six Flags guy, of course. His commercials hypnotize a sense of fun into the viewers. Commercials such as this one.

The video starts with an extreme high-ish angle longshot of a random neighborhood, a boy throwing newspapers on the lawns of many. A quick montage of many people doing chores plays, almost all of the shots being medium longshots. It changes when a mysterious bus stops by, to the longshot suspicion of a fat guy mowing the lawn.
After the bus stops, a close-up of our main character’s hand commences. Then a close-up of his feet is shown. The commercial finally cuts the crap and has a longshot of the main character, the elderly Six Flags Guy (SFG), slowly wobbling out of the bus. As he walks closeup to the camera, afraid, a low angle close-up of a speaker commences, to the puzzled faces of two kids.

Then the song actually starts, and the viewing audience cries in terror as SFG suddenly becomes happy-very, very happy. SFG starts having a psychotic episode as he dances in a longshot in front of his bus. For some reason, this infuriates the black people. Soon however, the many angled shots of SFG’s dance brainwash the neighborhood and its boobs into entering his bus. SFG continues his entrancing boogie aboard the bus, as a longshot can attest to. Eventually, the abducted neighbors arrive to just a normal longshot of themselves exiting the bus and entering the arch marking the entrance to the park.
At the park, the camera gives us close-ups of SFG enjoying the roller and belt-buckle chair-only coasters, as well as longshots of him on the teacups and water ride. SFG proceeds to possess the cahona needed to take a picture of the goddamn Batman, and possesses the gall to give an aside glance to the close-up camera. After a few longshots of him on other rides, the SFG demonstrates that no, he’s not above hypnotizing his Looney tunes friends to his beat. It all ends with a gradual zoom-out of an extreme longshot of SFG hypnotizing the entire park.

This commercial- just, wow and whoa. I just love the faces the guy makes, whether they happen as the song starts, or as he hangs out with the Warner Brother and DC Comic characters, or heck, when he’s on the actual rides! SFG and his actor help realize the message that anyone can have fun no matter what age they are, and that we’re not so different from each other in wanting to have fun.

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